The Global EDI Solution
Our mission is to provide the most efficient, secure, and cost effective solution possible for the complete electronic integration of businesses with all of their desired business partners.   J-Com offers a wide array of EDI solutions to fit any type of organizational structure.

J-Forms Web EDI  The solution for companies with any level of EDI expertise. J-Forms provides suppliers and their trading partners the ability to handle all of their EDI needs through our secure Web interface  LEARN MORE >

J-Com Supplier Solutions  The solution for companies who need to meet customer EDI requirements. Whether you have in house EDI or are looking for a managed solution J-Com has a solution to fit your needs.  LEARN MORE >

J-Com Buyer Solutions  The solution for companies who need to implement EDI with their supply chain.  With J-Com managed  translation services,  you can become EDI compliant with any number of suppliers quickly and efficiently.  LEARN MORE >


Trading Partners

Are your EDI software and communications costs killing your bottom line?

Contact us today and let us show you a better way to manage your EDI investment.

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